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10 Best Dog Breeds For Protection

Akitas are incredibly devoted. This brave and diligent species guarded kings and nobility in ancient Japan. Akitas will protect your family around the clock.


Because of its agility, search and rescue abilities, and trainability, the fierce Belgian Malinois is a favorite of police and military K-9 groups. This active dog thrives on work.

Belgian Malinois

The intimidating look of this massive breed deters intruders. This dog adores its family, which makes it an excellent companion.


The cane corso (pronounced "KAH-nay KOR-so") was an Italian guard, soldier, and hunter. Intruders are deterred by its size, weight, and black bark. 

Cane Corso

German shepherds, like Belgian Malinois, are lively, energetic canines who operate as police or military working dogs. This breed is devoted to its family.

German Shepherd

Doberman pinschers are notoriously aggressive. Its human family is kind, caring, and even amusing. Unless they are hazardous, most people don't mind strangers. 

Doberman Pinscher

Komondors, the Hungarian livestock and property guardians, are enormous, muscular, and fearless. It is reserved with strangers yet warm with family.


Because of its strong attachment to its family, the Rhodesian ridgeback is naturally protective. This dog is a great and kind companion. 

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rottweilers may be aggressive as well. This breed may be both amusing and frightening. Rottweilers are loyal and caring dogs who trust you.


This massive, muscular, and alert dog will not allow anybody past. Tibetan guard dogs protected Himalayan caravans and livestock against wolves and snow leopards.

Tibetan Mastiff

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