10 Chocolate Brown Hair Ideas for a Sophisticated Look


Balayage mahogany for a rich look.

Balayage mahogany for a rich look.

Choco-Lilac Harmony: 

Chocolate brown with lilac accents makes a stunning hair color.

Mocha Updo 

Elegantly frame your face with a cocoa brown updo.

Chocolate Waves: 

Caramelize chocolate waves for a striking contrast.

Chocolate Brown: 

Chocolate brown hair with an ice undertone looks trendy and stylish.

Chocolate Balayage 

Balayage warms up chocolate brown and amber hair.

Chocolate Curls:

Chocolaty curls are elegant and classy.

Smoked Chocolate:

Blend chocolate brown with gray undertones for a smokey look.

Chestnut Lob:

A melted chestnut brown lob is elegant and energetic.


Copper highlights make chocolate brown hair shine.

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