10 Messy Pixie Cuts for a Tousled, Chic Look for older women

Textured Pixie

A classic messy pixie with added texture and layers for a playful yet chic appearance.

Edgy Tousle: 

This edgy cut has longer, jagged layers.

Wavy Pixie: 

To look relaxed and trendy, choose a tousled pixie with beachy waves.

Asymmetrical Pixie:

Asymmetrical pixie cuts look beautiful with shorter layers on one side and longer on the other.

Sideswept Bangs: 

Elegant side-swept bangs add adaptability to your disheveled pixie hairdo.

Messy Fauxhawk: 

Make a statement with a disheveled faux hawk on your pixie.

Bedhead Pixie: 

This disheveled, bedhead-inspired pixie exudes a "just woke up" look.

Shaggy Pixie 

Shag-inspired pixie cuts with choppy layers are stylish and chaotic.

Messy Pixie Bob:

This messy-layered pixie-bob is elegant and whimsical.

Undercut Pixie:

Pixie cuts with undercuts are trendy.

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