10 Most Compelling Bottleneck Bob haircut for women over 50

Bob Asymmetrical:

Add edginess to an asymmetrical bob by lengthening the bottleneck.

Bottleneck Bob:

To seem clean and modern, keep hair ends blunt and even to emphasize the bottleneck shape.

Bob Highlights:

Accentuate the bottleneck using highlights or lowlights to give the bob depth and contrast.

Bob with Subtle

For an easy bottleneck bob, add mild waves.

Bob Texture: 

Combine a pixie and bob, concentrating texture around the bottleneck, for a distinctive style.

Tapered Back

Tapering the back of the bob emphasizes the bottleneck and balances the silhouette.

Bottleneck Bob: 

Create a side part and side part the hair to elegantly highlight the bottleneck.

Volume Bottleneck:

Use styling or treatments to make bottleneck hair thicker.

Bottleneck Bob

Add pizzazz to the bottleneck bob by angling the hair ends.

bottleneck Bob:

Choose a confident, mature tight bob with your natural gray hair.

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