10 Polka Dot Nail Art Designs

Polka dots: 

Use a dotting tool or toothpick to evenly arrange contrasting dots on your nails after painting them a base color.

Gradient Polkadots: 

Add polka dots to your gradient nails.

Metallic Polkas: 

For a beautiful effect, start with a metallic or chrome nail polish and apply little polka dots in a complimentary color.

Polka Dots:

Create delicate white or pastel polka dots on a pastel base.

French Polkas: 

A nude or light pink French manicure with white polka dots at the tips is stylish.

Polka dots: 

For a lively design, use neon base colors and bold, contrasting polka dots.

Glitter Polkas: 

Use a sparkly nail polish as a base and apply little polka dots in a solid or contrasting glitter hue for dazzle.

Negative Space Polkas: 

Leave some nails naked to create negative space, then add polka dots for a trendy and creative effect.

Polka Dots: 

Add little polka dots in a darker or lighter shade to your nails to create an ombre look.

Polka dots: 

Paint your nails black or white with polka dots in the opposite hue for a timeless look.

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