10 Prettiest Half Up-Half Down Hairstyles For Every Hair Type

This lacey braided hairdo is ideal for a wedding. Why not try a half-updo on it?

1. Lace Braided Half Updo

Waterfall braids are here to stay. Simply liven it up with single braids for that special date night.

2. Waterfall Braid

This hairdo is ideal for days when you are tired or rushing late!

3. Braided Half Up Half Down

French braids are a versatile and creative hairdo that is appropriate for all face shapes and ages. In only a few minutes, you can recreate this basic yet elegant hairdo.

4. French Braid Half-Down Hairstyle

Bouffant hairstyles are always fashionable. Style the bouffant with bangs for a regal appearance.

5. Bouffant Half Down With Bangs

This seductive haircut became famous after the episode Vikings. This hairstyle often consists of two braids on either side of your head and a French braid in the center.

6. Viking Braided Hairdo

This hairstyle is a terrific way to stand out in a crowd, whether you're heading to a retro-themed celebration or just spicing up your normal hairdo.

7. Victory Rolls

Another classic design that will make you appear powerful and trendy. With this edgy throwback haircut, you can show off your badass side.

8. Retro Bouffant Half Do With Bangs

If you like trying new braids, this is a good choice. Casual Sunday breakfasts suit these lovely braids. Date night hairstyles might include amusing accessories.

9. Faux Waterfall Braids

These braids work for every occasion, from a major event to a breakfast with friends. This complicated hairdo is stylish and takes only a few minutes to accomplish on a hectic day.

10. Half Up Half Down Bubble Braid

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