10 Spectacular Butterfly Haircut Ideas for women over 50

Butterfly Mohawk:

A dramatic mohawk haircut with a butterfly-shaped middle strip and wings side.

Crown Braid:

Braided crowns that wrap around the head like butterfly wings.

Butterfly Updo:

Twist or pin parts to create a butterfly-wing-inspired updo.

Butterfly Accessories:

Butterfly hairpins, clips, and other accessories accentuate your hairdo and butterfly theme.

Butterfly Colors:

Try vivid and iridescent hair colors to match butterfly wings

Butterfly Textures:

Cramp, twist, or braid to mimic butterfly wings' complex patterns.

Butterfly Extensions:

Create butterfly-inspired voluminous and layered hair extensions.

Butterfly Mohawk:

Mohawk your hair with butterfly-wing layers.

Butterfly Taper: 

A taper haircut with butterfly wings-shaped top and fading back and sides.


Twist or braid butterfly wings to create a half-up, half-down hairdo.

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