10 Things Boomers Take for Granted But Gen Z Won't

Boomers typically experienced greater job stability, whereas Gen Z is confronted with a gig economy and frequent employment changes.

Stable Jobs

Baby Boomers grew up with less technology intrusion, whereas Generation Z is acclimated to online sharing.


Boomers had more affordable housing options, whereas Generation Z faces escalating prices and student loan debt.


Baby Boomers rely on traditional retirement benefits more than Generation Z, who may need to create their own resources.

Social Security

The Baby Boomer generation was educated in-person, whereas Generation Z embraces online learning and remote tools.

Traditional Learning

Baby Boomers may have spent their entire careers at a single organization, whereas Generation Z values a variety of experiences.

Long-Term Employment

Boomers viewed gender roles as traditional, whereas Gen Z embraces gender diversity and equality.

Gender Roles

Baby Boomers had more face-to-face interactions, whereas Generation Z's relationships are frequently mediated by technology.

Offline Relationships

Baby Boomers perceived climate issues with less urgency, whereas Generation Z advocates for environmental action.

Climate Change

Baby Boomers experienced a period of greater political stability, whereas Generation Z navigates polarized political landscapes.

Political Stability

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