12 Most Disobedient Cat Breeds That Are Not for Chill Pet Parents

This lively cat requires plenty of playing. They become bored easily, so if you ignore them, anticipate mayhem. They may paw at you until you stop playing with them.

12. Japanese Bobtail

Although obstinate, Himalayans may be taught to complete basic tasks. Potty training is difficult, and kids may disregard your calls and basic orders due to distractions. 

11. Himalayan

Training this cat breed is difficult due to its stubbornness and short memory. Birman cats are calm and want attention, but constancy is essential to obey the simplest instructions.

10. Birman

Adorable kitties always want their way. They expect their owners to amuse them. Tonkinese cats control the home and their owners.

9. Tonkinese

A lovely, friendly cat, the Serengeti learns slowly. It may take months for this cat to grasp your wishes. Starting training early is important, however this breed is lethargic and will only obey simple cues for food.

8. Serengeti Cat

Although trainable, the Scottish Fold is independent and will only obey basic directions if it wants to. It will take time to train these cats to obey since they become overwhelmed fast. 

7. Scottish Fold

The Russian Blue does not need constant care like many of these wayward cats. They avoid strangers and may hide when visitors arrive. The Russian Blue is stubborn and will defy requests to adjust its pattern.

6. Russian Blue

The Oriental Shorthair needs family attention and will be upset if neglected. These strong-willed cats expect you to read their thoughts when they meow. 

5. Oriental Shorthair

This clingy cat will follow its owner around and become destructive if left alone for too long. The Balinese are naughty and inquisitive. If you're not watching them, they may attempt to explore outside.

4. Balinese

Like the Balinese, Siamese are noisy talking cats that dislike being alone. They are interested and active, yet bored they go into trouble. Without adequate care, this breed is disruptive around the home.

3. Siamese

One of the most stubborn cats is the Devon Rex. They seek for food and attention and are noisy when neglected. Playful, they may seduce their owners into giving them what they want, but when ignored, they're bad cats.

2. Devon Rex

Another species that enjoys solitude is this gorgeous fuzzy bundle. Forced attention might make them irritable. Their mood determines their behavior, and they only accept love when they want it.

1. Norwegian Forest

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