10 Daily Habits You Can't Afford to Skip

"I use it to save money and eat a lot of protein, which has helped me stay in great shape." 

1. Cook At Home

The “benefit of the doubt” mentality is a powerful and positive way to approach life.

The “Benefit of the Doubt” Mentality

It’s amazing how a straightforward habit can lead to a cascade of positive changes.

Make Your Bed

One user said that walking every day, even if it was just for a mile, has kept him healthy for all these years.

Walk for Your Health

Finding three treasures every day is a beautiful way to grow a sense of gratitude and respect for the world around us. 

Find Your Three Treasures

By asking "why" over and over, we can find out what's really behind a certain event or opinion and often come up with an answer on our own.

Never Stop Asking Why

When we talk to ourselves like we would our best friend, we are more likely to be helpful, encouraging, and kind.

Be Your Best Friend

In this case, the idea is that we should do the most unpleasant or hard job first thing in the morning, when we have the most energy and motivation.

Eat the Frog

In a world where everyone is dealing with their own problems in silence, being polite will really help you stand out.

Be Polite

Have something that will only take a few minutes? If so, avoid adding this to your to-do list.

Avoid To-Do Lists