5 Most Disobedient Dog Breeds You Can Own

Especially when they are young, all dogs need lots of love and care from their owners and to be trained well. 

But some breeds are harder to train than others when it comes to being obedient. 

This could be because they are smart, independent, and like to get into trouble, which makes them harder to train. 

Akitas were first bred in Japan to protect the royal family. They were also used to hunt wild animals. 

5. Akita

They are smart dogs who get bored quickly with repetition, so training sessions should be kept short. 

4. Lakeland Terrier

Lhasa apsos look like cute little lap dogs, but they're actually one of the toughest and most strong-willed small dog breeds.

3. Lhasa Apso

 They can be a bit stubborn, and when they are being trained, they will try to see how far they can go. 

2. Bull Terrier

These large, strong dogs were first made to protect sheep from predators on the snowy tops of mountains.

1. Great Pyrenees