6 Ways To Brighten Your Under-Eye Area

Hydration Matters

Proper under-eye hydration is essential for good skin. Drink enough water daily to hydrate your skin.

Hydration Matters

For further moisture and plumping, use a moisturizing under-eye cream with hyaluronic acid.

Get enough rest

Your health and skin depend on quality sleep. Expect 7-9 hours of peaceful sleep per night. An extra pillow can slightly elevate your head

Cold Compressors

Cold compresses reduce the under-eye puffiness and improve circulation. Use cold cucumber slices, spoons, or gel eye masks.

Eye Creams

Find eye creams with vitamin C, retinol, and peptides. Retinol improves skin texture and reduces fine wrinkles, while vitamin C

Sunny Skin

Sunscreen is essential to prevent under-eye damage. Before going outside, use a broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen.

Color Corrector

A lightweight, moisturizing concealer that matches your skin tone will instantly brighten. Use a peach or salmon color corrector before

Color Corrector

concealer to reduce bluish or purple undertones. Gently combine products for a natural look.