7 Boomer Skills That Used To Be Necessary But Are Now Obsolete

Repairing Household Items

The ability to repair household items, from patching up clothing to fixing appliances, was once a valuable skill set.

Cooking From Scratch

Cooking every meal from scratch was the norm, especially before the spread of fast food and ready-made meals.

Reading A Paper Map

Back in the day, being adept at reading a paper map was a must-have skill, especially for family road trips or exploring unknown areas.

Producing Neat Cursive Writing

Learning cursive writing was once a hallmark of elementary education.

Dialing A Rotary Phone

Rotary phones were the standard for years, requiring a specific technique for dialing.

Balancing A Checkbook

Balancing a checkbook manually spent decades as a crucial skill for keeping one’s finances in order.

Writing A Formal Letter

Formal letters were once the standard for important communication, requiring an understanding of proper formatting and etiquette.

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