7 Garden Plants That Are Safe For Cats


Catnip is our number one recommendation because this plant is not just safe for cats but it is beloved by them as a recreational drug of sorts.

Blue mist

Blue mist, or Bluebeard, or Caryopteris, is a deciduous sub-shrub, which is to say that it's a plant with woody stems that partially die back over winter.


Growing sunflowers is one of the best options for beginner gardeners – they are very easy to grow from seed and make a real statement next to a fence or garden wall.


Asters are a valuable addition to any backyard scheme, great in borders or along a garden path.  They come back every year if planted in a sunny spot.


Not all cats like the scent of rosemary, but they'll at least have a sniff, and those that are interested and taste the plant won't be harmed in any way.


Cosmos is a pretty, bright annual that comes in attractive shades of pink and red, as well as in white. Cats are unlikely to nibble on it as it's not very fragrant.


Valerian, much like catnip, induces euphoric hyperactivity in cats which interestingly, is the opposite effect from the one this plant has on humans.

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