7 Iced Teas With More Sugar Than a Can of Coke

Sweet Tea

Sweet tea, a southern staple, can have more sugar than Coke.

Fruity Iced Teas: 

Fruit-flavored bottled iced teas sometimes contain fruit juices and sugars, making them heavy in sugar.

Lemon Iced Tea:

Some bottled lemon-flavored iced teas are very sweet.

Peach Tea:

Bottled peach iced tea may have too much sugar because peaches are sweet.

Mango Tea:

Mango-flavored iced tea, like peach tea, can be sweetened to taste fruity.

Raspberry Tea: 

Raspberry-flavored iced tea may contain sugar to temper the tartness of the berries.

Honey-Green Tea: 

Some honey-sweetened bottled green teas have more sugar than expected.

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