7 Outdated Living Room Trends To Steer Clear Of In 2024

Practical and organized storage solutions are in, so reconsider the use of open shelving which can often become cluttered​

Excessive Open Shelving

Creating visual interest through cohesive wall colors and adding personality with artwork and textiles is preferred over the traditional accent wall​

Accent Walls

Focus on investing in high-quality, long-lasting furniture made from sustainable materials, rather than opting for disposable, low-quality pieces

Fast Furniture

Embrace a mix of styles, textures, and materials for a personalized and eclectic look, moving away from perfectly matching sets​

Matchy-Matchy Décor

Downsize furniture to avoid overwhelming spaces and improve flow and visual balance in your living room​

Oversized Furniture

While minimalism has its place, a more balanced approach with added personality through artwork and decorative elements is trending​

Minimalist Design

Introduce contrasting or complementary hues to add depth and interest to your rooms, moving away from a single color palette​

Monochromatic Interiors