8 Small Pets For Compact Homes


Measuring at 0.24 to 0.29 inches, the Photocorynus Spiniceps is believed to be the smallest fish in the world.All you need is some fish food, a fish tank and you’re good to house your aquatic amigos.


With most rabbits weighing anywhere between 2.2–4.4 lbs, these small-but-demanding creations are one of the tiniest pets you can own.


These petite rodents might not necessarily be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of a small pet. But averaging around 9 to 11 inches long, the humble rat can be a very smart (and loving) member of your fur family.


mice are usually around two to four inches long, with a tail about the same length and can be kept in a wire cage with a plastic tray floor.


Hamster cages provide a safe space for your pocket pet to live indoors all year-round. But just bear in mind that these cuddly creatures are naturally nocturnal, so think carefully before choosing where to position their home.


Similar looking to hamsters, these desert dwellers are diurnal (which means they’re active during the day). They can reach between two inches to over eight inches in length and that excludes their tails.

Guinea pigs

There are several popular guinea pig breeds. But the relatively small American/English breed tends to be the most popular. If cared properly for, these furry companions can live for up to five to seven years.


They are generally small creations, these intelligent rodents can grow to nine to 14 inches in length and this is without an added three to six inches for their bushy tail.

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