8 Style Hacks To Make Your House Irresistible To Buyers

The exterior of your property is probably the most important aspect to consider when preparing your home to sell.

Upgrade The Exterior

Pay special attention to the presentation of your front door – after all, this is the gateway to your home's interior and offers an instant impression of what lies behind it.

Paint Or Replace The Front Door

Once you've perfected the front door, ensure it's illuminated in the right way. If you have a porch light, put in a new bulb and make sure it's working as it should be.

Light It Up

Make rooms seem bigger than they are where you can. Clear out unnecessary belongings and clutter, and keep furnishings to a minimum, so as not to overwhelm spaces.

Enlarge Spaces

Keep décor neutral to avoid imposing personal taste on buyers. This will maximize natural light and space and help people to envision their stamp on the land.

Decorate Neutrally

A focal point draws purchasers in and makes your property memorable. Buyers prefer living spaces without big TVs, so use furniture. 

Create A Focal Point

The general rule of thumb is to decorate neutrally; but a few subtle accent shades will help create interest and personality.

Coordinate Soft Furnishings

Once a potential buyer steps through the front door, your entrance hall will offer them an instant impression of your home – an opinion that could be difficult to change once it's been made.

Make an entrance

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