8 Things To Keep Out Of Your Kitchen

Expired Food

Regularly check the expiration dates of your food items and discard anything that has passed its prime.


Keep your kitchen countertops free of unnecessary clutter to make cooking and cleaning easier.

Dirty Sponges

Replace or sanitize sponges regularly, as they can harbor harmful bacteria if not kept clean.

Unused Appliances

If you have kitchen appliances that you rarely use, consider storing them away to free up counter or storage space.

Chemical Cleaners

Opt for environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning products to maintain a healthier kitchen environment.

Outdated Spices

Spices lose their flavor over time, so regularly check and replace any outdated or stale spices in your pantry.

Unused Utensils

If you have kitchen utensils that you rarely use, consider decluttering by donating or storing them away to make room for the essentials.

Single-Use Plastics

Minimize the use of single-use plastic products in your kitchen to reduce environmental impact.

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