8 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Take a Daily Walk

In our digital age, many people already like to use their phones or cameras to take pictures of special or beautiful times.

1.Go on a photo safari.

Walking in nature is known to have an additional set of benefits, compared to walking in urban environments.

2. Become a nature expert.

Another way to motivate yourself to take a daily walk is to choose an ideal time of day for it.

3. Choose your timing carefully.

Pontiello says that you should sometimes buy yourself new walking gear that you'll be excited to put on for your daily walk.

4. Treat yourself to new gear.

Many people enjoy walking alone, but walking with a friend or a walking group can be more inspiring for some. 

5. Find a walking buddy or walking group.

When your walk only helps you, it can be hard to get going. Because of this, Julom suggests going on "charity walks," which let you walk for the good of others.

6. Walk for charity.

Paying attention to your step count is another way to provide your walk with a sense of purpose and motivation. "

7. Set a tangible goal and track your progress..

If you do want to go on walks by yourself, find a fun exercise you can get into to help you pass the time.

8. Listen to podcasts, audiobooks, or music.