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9 Best K-Pop Hairstyle Ideas for Guys in 2023

The sides and back of this style are short, while the longer, curled hair on top is longer. The bangs are moved to the side, which makes the style look young and cool.

Textured Undercut with Bangs

Try out some bright colors by dying your hair two different colors. This look that stands out can be done in natural colors or bright pastels.

Dyed Two-Tone Hair

By smoothing back the sides and making a big pompadour on top, you can get a classic look with a modern twist. Use hair products to make your hair look nice.

Slicked-Back Pompadour

Let your mid-length hair fall in natural, messy waves to achieve the look of "effortlessly chic." This look shows a relaxed sense of confidence.

Messy Waves with Mid-Length Hair

By adding layers to the standard bowl cut, you can give it more depth and texture. This version that has been updated looks new and stylish.

Layered Bowl Cut

When you combine short sides with a side-swept fringe, you get a balanced look that is both classic and modern.

Side-Swept Fringe with Short Sides

Choose a curved fade haircut and add a unique touch by shaving a design into the faded parts. This makes your style a little more unique.

Tapered Fade with Design

If you want to look cool and relaxed, think about getting a loose perm. This style gives your hair more volume and thickness without making it look too styled.

Loose and Airy Perm

K-Pop stars' mullets are bold, so you should too. Keep the front of your hair neat and the back a little longer for a unique and bold look.

K-Pop Idol-Inspired Mullet

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