Americans Are Favoring Frozen Pizza Over Fresh

Hot, cheesy pizza is the perfect snack. However, not everyone has the time or money to visit their favorite pizzeria. Frozen pizza is then ideal.

Grocery stores offer a variety of frozen pizzas to suit different tastes and budgets. Shoppers noticed.

According to marketing solutions business Vericast, 13% of recent pizza restaurant guests are "trading down"

In a recent news release, Vericast reported that frozen pizza sales had increased 11% over the past year, with merchants increasing their 

discounts by 214% over the prior two years. 43% of recent pizza shop guests bought frozen pizza weekly.

"The pizza battle is on, and grocery stores are winning," Vericast's restaurant division client strategy director Dana Baggett stated in a press statement.

Nearly half of Vericast's 2023 Restaurant TrendWatch respondents said they eat out less due to inflation. 18% of consumers, notably millennials 

and parents, choose cheaper pizza brands or places, while 25% of frequent pizza consumers do the same.

Baggett stated that Vericast "found that the top choice is actually 'no preference,'" contrary to popular belief.

"Consumers are shifting to at-home pizza, resulting in the big four pizza players losing 3% share of wallet compared to same time last year,"