Burger King Is Bringing Back Three Popular Burgers Tomorrow

On January 5, Burger King will offer a pound of meat per burger. If you include the bacon slices, the Burger King Quad BK Stacker has over a 

pound of meat between those two buns. Four slices of American cheese and a fan-favorite sauce complete the monster burger.

Burger King is adding three BK Stackers burgers to its menu in 2023, including the Quad. Chew Boom offers the four-patty, four-cheese-slice 

burger and its smaller siblings, the Triple BK Stacker and Double BK Stacker. Three and two beef patties and American cheese slices are in these burgers.

The New York Times reported that Stacker burgers, including the Quad, were debuted 15 years ago. In the late 2000s, these muscular burgers 

and other over-the-top inventions increased the chain's sales by appealing to 18-24-year-olds. Burger King fell behind Wendy's as 

America's second-most popular burger joint in 2021 and launched its "Reclaim the Flame" campaign last year to improve its products.

Wendy's has several three-patty burgers with different toppings and buns, but none with four.

Reddit users remember eating the burgers in college and want to try them again. Some worry that the Quad Stacker could cost $20 due to inflation

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