Burger King Is Bringing Back Three Popular Burgers Tomorrow

On January 5, Burger King will offer burgers with a pound of meat. The Burger King Quad BK Stacker has more than a pound

of meat between its two buns, including bacon strips. Monster burgers have four American cheese slices and a fan-favorite sauce.

The Quad BK Stacker is one of Burger King's three BK Stackers burgers for 2023. The Triple and Double BK Stackers are smaller versions of the 

four-patty, four-cheese-slice burger, according to Chew Boom. These burgers have two or three meat patties with American cheese slices.

Stacker burgers—including the Quad—were debuted 15 years ago, according to the New York Times. These muscular burgers and other 

over-the-top dishes attracted 18-to-24-year-olds in the late 2000s, boosting sales. Last year, Burger King launched its "Reclaim the Flame" 

campaign to make its burgers more premium after falling below Wendy's as the second most popular in America in 2021. Wendy's has three-patty 

Reddit fans are excited to sample the burgers again after having them in college. Due to inflation, some worry the Quad Stacker might cost $20 

The Stackers are not yet posted on Burger King's US website, thus no nutrition or cost information is available. The Quad contained close to 1,000 calories,

according to prior Stackers articles. The closest fast-food counterpart, an In-n-Out 4X4 burger, has 1,050 calories.

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