Costco Brought Back This Popular Holiday Treat, but It Won't Last Long

Every year around this time, wonderful Christmas sweets begin to arrive in shops, giving us lots to look forward to throughout the season.

While we welcome new festive goods to get us in the holiday mood, we can't help but admire a good Christmas return. We are quite pleased to get our hands on Costco's newest returning delicious delight.  

Costco brought back its Kirkland Signature Peppermint Bark, a fan favorite for many consumers, including us, just before the Christmas season officially started. 

The 21-ounce package of the iconic Christmas bark has white and dark chocolate covered in crushed peppermint candies for a sweet and minty flavor, and it costs $9.99. 

TikTok's Costco Aisles recently enthused about the candy's return to Costco, highlighting its characteristic "Belgian chocolate (dark and white chocolate) and all-natural peppermint."

Laura Lamb of costcohotfinds was ecstatic to see it back at the Costco bakery and said, "love this peppermint bark so much!!!" Others have noted that it is "the best."

The appeal of the bark is not new. "The Kirkland brand peppermint bark in the bakery is absolutely fire," one Reddit member commented in a previous post.much superior than Ghirardelli's individually wrapped peppermint bark." Others have called it "the best part of the holidays!"

We must concur with the favorable feedback. While we like a variety of festive treats, this peppermint bark is a quick snack that packs a punch of seasonal flavor. It's like reintroducing an old, familiar acquaintance to our cup of creamy hot chocolate on a cool day.