Costco Is Permanently Eliminating Its Convenient Photo Service

Costco membership has benefits beyond fantastic prices on food and other home essentials.

These benefits included easy access to high-quality, affordable photo services for years. At Costco Photo Center, you may print and personalize calendars

Like so many other items members have loved over the years, the picture center will soon be gone.

Costco's website says its in-house picture business will close at the end of January. You only have a few days to order prints or other personalized items 

The move ends a popular service the club has been shutting down for some time.

In 2021, Costco closed its in-store photo centers and moved them to That site is gone too.

Instead, Costco is outsourcing these services to Shutterfly, which will give cardholders a 51% discount on all orders through their annual warehouse

Despite the promised discount, many Costco members lamented the loss of another cherished membership feature in a recent Reddit discussion.

"Costco's photo products were always high quality and affordable," said one. "Add this to Costco's litany of nice things that perished

Costco customers should submit their final orders online by Jan. 28 and download any stored photographs or projects by Jan. 31.

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