Costco Is Selling One of the World's Best-Quality Steaks

Wagyu is the "it girl" of steaks. If you've ordered the tender, flavorful, highly marbled protein at a restaurant, it was probably the most expensive.

Carnivores who can afford Wagyu can sample it at their local high-end steakhouse or Costco.

Costco consumers have reported that the costly meat is back in stock. One Reddit user posted a picture of packaged Japanese A5 Wagyu steaks yesterday

Another buyer posted a photo of a large A5 Wagyu boneless beef steak on Reddit late last week without identifying the location.

The nearly three-pound ribeye cost $178.77 at $59.99 a pound. Still, $59.99 per pound beats $200 per pound.

Wagyu meat is expensive because Japanese cattle are not typical cows. The American Wagyu Association breeds the strain for greater 

intramuscular fat cells. Some say these steaks' unique fat melts in your tongue. A5 is the highest quality rating for Wagyu beef

The cut of beef seems as contentious as it is remarkable. Some customers say they can't afford Wagyu now that Costco is selling it again.

Wagyu eating is also divisive. Some Costco consumers loved the fatty beef, but others didn't. 

Costco products vary in price and availability by area. Customers can request that their local warehouse supply Wagyu beef if they can't find it.