Costco's Bakery Just Launched an Exciting New Christmas Cookie

Costco has several tempting Christmas desserts. In recent months, the warehouse club has introduced holiday delights, including a new bakery cookie.

Laura Lamb, who runs @costcohotfinds on Instagram, said, "I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've seen them there!!" Almond Florentine Cookies were found at Costco's bakery this week.

The Instagram user said these dark chocolate-drizzled cookies cost $8.99 in 16-count boxes. Like other Costco items, price and availability vary by area.

These are crazy. They're thin, crispy, nutty, and hard to stop eating "Lamb stated in her video, "Plus they're delicate and wonderful."

The cookies seem to have impressed other Costco consumers, according to the remarks. Do not stop at one. They're great!" said Instagram user. Had them lately. Delicious, another said.

Florentine cookies, sometimes called "Florentine biscuits" or "lace cookies," include almonds, hazelnuts, cherries, citrus, melted butter, and cream. French thin, crunchy cookies are thought to have originated.

A six-count container of gingerbread-flavored cakes with whipped vanilla buttercream frosting and a smiling chocolate gingerbread man costs $8.99.

Holiday Cookies, Gooey Cinnamon Rolls, and Peppermint Bark are among seasonal bakery delights Costco sells.

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