Costco’s New Kit Kat Kit Makes a Gingerbread House You Actually Want to Eat

Gingerbread homes are a Christmas favorite. They're fun, festive, and the loveliest holiday table centerpiece when done perfectly (like our gingerbread master Courtney Kassel). Unfortunately, nobody likes to eat gingerbread homes, even the best ones.

So, the answer? Making a gingerbread house without gingerbread. You can now due to Kit Kat.

Fans are dubbing ‘Christmas Break’ Kit Kat Christmas Cabin Kits a “need,” not a desire, after seeing them at Costco.

The package includes all the components, including colorful decorative candies, and step-by-step directions for you and your kids. After admiring your creation, you may “have a break” and have your favorite chocolate treat—if you can put it together before devouring all the sugar.

The nicest thing of creating a "gingerbread house" using Kit Kats is that the gingerbread won't crumble. Chocolate candy melts, which stick to chocolate bars, replace icing. Additionally, the Kit Kat bar form is great for log cabins.

The 37.99 price shouldn't worry you if you watched the video. This video was shot in Australia, hence the pricing is AUD. The equivalent in US currency is $25, which is more affordable.

Kitkat's Christmas Cabin Kit is the ideal winter pastime for youngsters home from school. In the comments, fans hailed this a “new Xmas tradition” and “a must for this year!”

Too bad this wonderful new candy kit is only available in Australia (why does Australia get all the finest Costco goodies?). “It's in Australia,” said one Instagram user. “I saw it at Melbourne Costco last month.”

But who knows? Santa may send Kit Kat Kits to America before the holidays with enough pleading. This unique Costco discovery may inspire your own confectionery building in the worst case. After all, gingerbread house making requires imagination.