Did Southwest Cancel My International Flight Without Telling Me?

Southwest Airlines has faced many challenges in expanding internationally, including a ticket audit that cancelled an itinerary. 

I plan a Southwest trip with Annalisa to Aruba.  The beach is her thing, and Aruba is perfect.  My draw isn't dry, sunny weather, blond 

beaches, or calm waves.  Thanks to the trade winds, the divi divi trees will slope, which excites me!

The northeast trade winds blow across Aruba, hence the divi divi trees always point southwest.

My brother Matthew expressed interest last week.  So I checked Southwest's website for fares.  I was surprised when the flight disappeared!

I was worried!  Our holiday plans ruined?  A non-refundable hotel room was booked!  Southwest account still shows flight itinerary?

I breathed deeply and checked the Southwest Airlines itinerary to see if the trip was still on.  It was.

That confused me!  I called Southwest's 1-800-I-FLY-SWA customer care number for relief and got it quickly.  With Southwest's foreign inventory,

sold-out flights “disappear” from the website with the error above.  In contrast, domestic Southwest flights appear

Lesson: Southwest's website doesn't cancel foreign Southwest itineraries.  Sold out!  The Southwest staffer couldn't tell me when they'd repair this glitch.

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