Did You Know These 70 Interior Designer Secrets?

Create a warm welcome

Start your stylish home from the beginning by paying attention to your home's entrance. Paint the front door, update the hardware and hang a seasonal wreath.

Highlight woodwork

Skirting boards, banisters and door frames are often an afterthought and lack interest. Why not brighten them up instead with a fresh face of colour.

Don't forget windows

A window treatment is a fabulous place to inject a shot of pattern or colour into an otherwise simple scheme. It's a less permanent option and offers intriguing attention-to-detail.

Work around a hero feature

Choose a star product to be your feature as the main focal point of the room. Then use other items to blend into the backdrop to create a calming vibe rather than a cluttered one.

Pay attention to the hardware

Updating hardware in kitchens and bathrooms with shiny metallics or on-trend matt black finishes will add an air of luxury and finesse to the room and create an instant high-end vibe.

Stick to classics

Although it can be fun to follow trends sticking to traditional furniture is sensible if you are on a budget as the staple piece will not date. Timeless pieces will give a room character when teamed with eclectic accessories. ​

Open up a kitchen with wall shelves

Losing upper cabinetry in a small kitchen will instantly open up the space to make it feel bigger, lighter and brighter.

Add a pop of red

adding a pop of cherry red can finish a scheme even if it seems like it won’t fit with the rest of the décor.For a low-risk option, try adding a bright red lampshade or scatter cushion and see if it brings the room to life.

Use rugs wisely

Ideally, a rug should be big enough that some or all of your furniture’s feet can sit on it – using a tiny rug under a coffee table will only make a room feel poky.

Create an outdoor room

Treat your exterior space as you would a living room scheme and factor in rugs, lighting, comfortable seating and areas to pop drinks.

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