Discover 10 Animals Associated with Ancient Egyptian Deities

Falcon: Associated with the god Horus, the falcon was considered a symbol of kingship, protection, and the sky.

Jackal: The jackal was sacred to the god Anubis, the deity of mummification and the afterlife. Anubis, often depicted with the head of a jackal.

Cat: Cats were revered in ancient Egypt and associated with the goddess Bastet, who represented fertility, home, and protection.

Ibis: The ibis bird was sacred to the god Thoth, the deity of wisdom, writing, and knowledge. Thoth, often depicted with the head of an ibis or as a baboon.

Crocodile: Associated with the god Sobek, the crocodile symbolized power, fertility, and the Nile's life-giving waters.

Ram: The ram was linked to the god Amun, the deity of kingship, air, and the sun. Amun, often depicted with the head of a ram or as a ram-headed man.

Cobra: The cobra was associated with several goddesses, including Wadjet and Meretseger. Wadjet, depicted as a cobra or as a woman with a cobra's head.

Lion: Lions were associated with various solar and war deities, including Sekhmet and Maahes. Sekhmet, depicted as a lioness or a woman.

Hippo: Hippos were associated with the goddess Taweret, the deity of childbirth, fertility, and protection.

Scarab Beetle: The scarab beetle was associated with the god Khepri, the deity of the rising sun and rebirth.