Dunkin's Spring Menu Just Leaked—Here's What's Coming to Stores

If the cold winter weather and short days have left you exhausted this January, Dunkin's exciting menu update may brighten you up.

Fans got a sneak peek at Dunkin's spring 2024 menu online, revealing the special dishes and drinks coming next month.

In a Jan. 27 post, Markie Devo, a fast-food blogger, revealed Dunkin's spring menu. Devo stated a Dunkin' staff told him all things will be available on Feb. 21.

Dunkin' will reportedly launch a Churro Signature Latte with churro syrup, whipped cream, caramel drizzle, and cinnamon sugar. Dunkin'

will launch a Cinnamon Vanilla Coffee with churro syrup, vanilla flavor shot, and cream. The business will also introduce Berry Burst

and Peach Sunshine Sparkd' Energy Drinks created with energy syrup and chilled sparkling water.

Dunkin' will purportedly serve a Breakfast Empanada with scrambled egg, melting cheddar cheese, and flavorful sausage in a buttery, flaky

shell. Devo said the chain will introduce a Churro Classic Donut and Banana Chocolate Chip Bread.

Few weeks until Dunkin' customers can try the spring menu, but many are already drooling over the new food and drinks.

Dunkin' has yet to disclose spring menu details, so customers should take Devo's post with a grain of salt. We asked the chain to confirm the

rumored spring 2024 menu, but its response was delayed. Devo's leaks have properly predicted new fast-food releases before, so watch for Feb. 21.

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