Gift cards, LUV vouchers, and southwest travel funds

Southwest Airlines gives its passengers lots of “LUV”. Free checked bags, free seats, and free drinks are among its generous and unusual rules! 

Southwest accepts travel cash, LUV coupons, and gift cards for flight payments. The rules of these payment options can be complicated. 

Southwest offers credit-like flight reimbursements under specific conditions, as explained below.

Southwest travel monies result from refund credits. Cancelling or missing a flight will result in travel funds.

Southwest offers generous cancellations. Depending on your Southwest ticket pricing, you can change flights and

cancel flights up to departure without penalty. Southwest travel money can be earned by canceling flights.

Southwest Airlines Anytime and Business Select allow cancellations up to 10 minutes before departure. Southwest refunds these two fares in full. 

How does not canceling and not showing up affect your flight? Southwest sends travel monies instead of a refund.

Southwest Rapid Rewards points will be refunded for Southwest Rapid Rewards tickets. The taxes and fees paid on your Rapid Rewards flight

reservation become reusable travel funds that can be utilized for a future flight for the original individual identified on the cancelled ticket.

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