Here's Why Food Prices Are at Their Highest in a Decade

Due to shortages and supply chain delays, many groceries are scarce. 

If you find a hard-to-find product, supermarket prices may be higher. 

According to Reuters, the FAO's food price index averaged 125.7 points in 2021, the most in a decade. 

 The last time costs were this high, gluten-free products rose, Greek yogurt became a billion-dollar business, and Impossible Foods was forme

From 2020 to 2021, energy prices rose 29%. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce describes how energy expenses raise supermarket prices:

"Food producers' operating costs include energy. Fertilizer and cow milk collecting require energy."

Droughts raised energy prices and affected coffee, nuts, pork, and wheat last year. 

 Poorly, "likely to see drought impacts picking up into 2022," agricultural analyst Isaac Olvera told MarketWatch.

It's more expensive to plant, feed, and raise crops now. "It's a new year, but the same story of fertilizer prices moving higher,

A staggering 80% of Credit Karma study respondents stated rising inflation has made groceries more expensive.