How to Watch ‘Dark Winds’ season 2 premiere for free

Season 2 begins with a bang—several bangs—as Lt. Joe Leaphorn and Sgt. Bernadette Manuelito arrive at an isolated trailer house to apprehend a suspect,

only to become their target. The suspect, Colton Wolf (Nicholas Logan), showers the trailer with his assault rifle, holding down the Navajo Police 

officers until the title card reads "Six Days Ago." The scene's neo-noir visuals set us up for another drama set in 1971 Navajo Nation that involves evil 

A truck explodes outside a hospital, killing an elderly cancer patient. Sheriff Gordo Sena—hello, A Alavarez!—thinks it was a gas leak accident. 

Leaphorn quickly realizes that the victim's ignition key activated a bomb. We immediately wonder: Did that Colton Wolf man do this?

However, collateral damage—his nurse wife Emma (Deanna Allsion) was mildly hurt while checking on a patient—increases Leaphorn's

interest in the crime. Emma insists on a house ceremony to stave off ill luck. “It’s not normal,” she tells her spouse. She forgot Season 1?

Meanwhile, Manuelito deals with mild-mannered "hemp head" Steve Begaye (Jarrett Hogner), who claims he was attacked by a mutant sheep with twisted horns.

Manuelito is surprised to encounter a beast in the countryside. She doesn't notice anything supernatural about it. Not yet. She confines the animal in a police cell for safety.

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