Iconic ’60s Hairstyles We Still Obsess Over

Twiggy Lashes and Short Bangs: Model Twiggy made short, spiky lashes and baby bangs (short fringe) popular, creating an iconic

Headscarf Style: Women would tie colorful headscarves over their hair, either wrapped like a turban or with the ends flowing

Bowl Cut: Popularized by the Beatles and other influential musicians, the bowl cut was a simple, short hairstyle 

The Flip: A flipped-out hairstyle featured ends that curled away from the face. This style added a touch of whimsy to the era's fashion.

Long and Straight: Many women embraced long, straight hair during the '60s, influenced by the hippie counterculture.

Pixie Cut: Mia Farrow made the pixie cut famous in the '60s. This ultra-short, no-fuss haircut was both chic and revolutionary.

Mod Bob: The '60s introduced the classic bob haircut, often with a straight, blunt cut just above the shoulders, made famous by iconic

Bouffant: The bouffant was all about big, voluminous hair. It featured a rounded shape with plenty of backcombing and hairspray

Beehive: The beehive was a towering hairstyle that epitomized the '60s. Hair was piled high on the head and teased for maximum volume

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