In 2024, These 8 Kitchen Trends Will Dominate

The minimal luxury trend has been growing for a while, but 2024 is expected to be big. In the past year, searches for'minimaluxe' have surged by nearly 3,000%, say design experts. 

Minimal Luxury

Plywood will remain a prominent cabinetry material in 2024 after years of growth. Plywood is a cheaper alternative to real wood.

Strong Plywood

Over the past year,'stainless steel kitchens' searches have doubled. Originally from professional kitchens, stainless steel has become popular as more people want high-quality homes.

Stainless Steel

The rise of wabi-sabi will lead to kitchens that showcase natural materials. Layering stone and marble creates a distinctive, colorful, and uneven effect.

Warm, Textured

Slab splashbacks are a top kitchen trend for this year. Slab splashbacks are rectangular stone pieces that cover the wall behind your stovetop, unlike typical splashbacks. 

 Statement Slabs

Like interiors, curves will dominate kitchen design, creating a "harmonious ambience to the hustle and bustle of the modern home."

More Bends

We've been adding more bright colors to our houses to raise our moods for years, and this trend shows no signs of slowing.

Bright And Bold

This is one of the most anticipated kitchen design trends of 2024. More of us are choosing black cabinetry and worktops for our kitchens as we embrace the velvety depths of deep blues, rich greys, and blacks.

 Back To Black