Magnetic Personality Traits To Attract Others To You

1. Authentic and Real

Magnetic personalities are never impersonated. They don't act interested in you merely to gain something or to get closer to someone else. They don't lie about anything. 

2. Strong Self-Confidence

Charismatic people have no illusions about their own abilities. They understand their worth and don't spend time with others who don't. 

3. Sense of Humor

What puts people at ease more than a good sense of humor? And by that, I mean making fun of no one. These larger-than-life characters are not required to sacrifice others on the altar of their ego. 

4. Free Imagination

Thinking "outside the box" comes naturally to this personality type. They are always contemplating fresh viewpoints and experimenting with alternative methods to the same challenges. 

5. Healthy Optimism

They're upbeat without being sugary or contemptuous. They recognize the positive aspects of a situation without rejecting others' rights to express themselves. 

6. Full Of Energy

Charismatic individuals are brimming with vitality. And it's the type of energy you'd like to see more of in your life. 

7. Active Listening Skills

Magnetic people are dedicated to active listening. It's how they express real attention in what their conversation partner is saying. 

8. Full Of Empathy

Those with magnetic personalities, while not necessarily empaths, find it simpler to sympathize with others and treat them with care. 

9. Well-spoken and Articulate

Their battle with that obstacle, if anything, makes them more relevant and approachable. 

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