McDonald's, Dubbed the "Beacon of Chaos," Is Shutting Down

Spring will make Ottawa's police force's life simpler. The Rideau Street McDonald's, once labeled a "beacon of chaos" by Ottawa's Police Chief

Known as "the world's worst McDonald's," this restaurant is well known for a 2013 viral video of a massive brawl.

Fights happen everywhere, so what's the big deal? One fighter used a raccoon from their clothing!

That's just one event, but this McDonald's has had several odd, dangerous, or filthy incidents since 1985. The establishment prompted 800 calls to the local police in 2018.

There are many Rideau Street McDonald's films showing odd behavior. Another 2018 video shows two individuals fighting or sparring with 'Wet Floor' signs.

This McDonald's was "special," according to a 2019 TripAdvisor review: "Why McDonald's maintains this restaurant open is beyond me. It causes 

vomiting and is harmful. Dirty and smelly, you never know if you'll survive. The likelihood of being assaulted is great. Close this place now. 

Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau wrote to McDonald's Canada's President and CEO a few years ago due to the restaurant's dire status. 

Bordeleau complained about the restaurant's "criminal activity and social disorder" in the communication.

That letter shortened the restaurant's hours. The location closed from 24 hours to 6 AM to 10 PM. This likely helped; last year the cops only received 150 restaurant calls.

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