McDonald's Finally Chimes In On the Toxic Ice Cream Rumor

A social media rumor has put Mickey D's soft-serve ice cream back in the spotlight. The chain's popular dessert is said to contain xylitol, a

sugar-free sweetener used for its sweetness and low calories. McDonald's food myths are common and hard to believe, but the xylitol story has caught on.

Why the fuss? Canine xylitol is poisonous and lethal. A viral Facebook post warned pet owners not to give their pets McDonald's ice cream

Pet owners panicked, but the rumor was false. Sweetener isn't listed in the chain's soft serve or other desserts. McDonald's has clarified that its

ice cream does not contain xylitol. To dispel suspicions, McDonald's told Indy100 that its soft-serve does not contain xylitol.

The FDA considers xylitol safe for humans but hazardous to pets, especially dogs. The ASPCA warns that xylitol can damage your dog's liver and lower 

Canines absorb xylitol faster than humans, however effects may not manifest for 12 hours. This delay in symptoms may make it hard to determine your pet's disease.

Xylitol, available in breath mints, gum, and toothpaste, is recommended by the American Dental Association. Fruits and vegetables contain it naturally.

If you suspect your pet has taken xylitol, call your vet, emergency clinic, or animal poison control center immediately.