McDonald's Is Launching an Exciting New Dipping Sauce Next Week

McDonald's fans, rejoice! An engaging and unforgettable Golden Arches marketing accompanied the chain's first new dipping sauce of 2024.

New Savory Chili Sauce will debut at McDonald's in the US and worldwide on Feb. 26. McDonald's said the sauce gives "an energetic blast of flavor"

The limited-edition sauce is part of a bigger launch honoring "WcDonald's," a term prevalent in Japanese anime and manga.

The new sauce's strong flavors reflect "the bold, dynamic spirit of your favorite anime heroes," according to the statement.

McDonald's WcDonald's promotion includes the new sauce and other treats. Acky Bright, a Japanese manga artist and illustrator, will develop restaurant packaging.

McDonald's created the first official WcDonald's anime with Studio Pierrot. From Feb. 26 to March 18, the firm will release a new anime

short and manga every Monday. Customers can view the new content on or by scanning a code on the packaging.

While guests must wait a few days to try the new sauce and enter McDonald's universe, they may already enjoy numerous other limited-

edition goods. The Shamrock Shake and Oreo Shamrock McFlurry returned on Feb. 5 for a limited time. Last month, it brought back its enormous Double Big Mac

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