McDonald's menu taps into nostalgia once again

That's partly because McDonald's (MCD) - Get Free Report prioritizes service time and operational excellence.

The firm has been optimizing its eateries for increased takeaway and delivery orders.

Adding new items complicates the procedure, thus the chain has mostly used gimmicks recently. It has revived limited-time sauces and Famous Orders

Marketing stunts that require no culinary effort. They make customers think the chain has added something fresh when it hasn't.

Not that those promos aren't popular. The "Rick and Morty"-themed Szechuan Sauce sold out and the BTS Famous Order was popular.

The chain's recent promotion of packaging Big Mac "Special Sauce" in Chicken McNugget sauce containers was popular.

McDonald's Halloween "Boo Buckets" debuted in 1986 and returned occasionally. The plastic buckets that replaced Happy Meals' cardboard 

Boo Buckets are smaller than conventional trick-or-treating buckets, making them more collectible than functional Halloween candy holders. 

After a long break, Boo Buckets reappeared last year and will return in October.There is no word on new designs or characters

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