McDonald's Plans To Lower Prices Amid Outraged Customer Backlash

For months, McDonald's has been criticized by consumers for its steep price hikes. In 2024, Golden Arches enthusiasts may finally receive some relief

McDonald's presented its fourth-quarter and full-year 2023 earnings report and then discussed it in a Feb. 5 conference call. McDonald's

2024 pricing plans were discussed throughout the session. As inflation eases, McDonald's pricing rises will likely slow this year

As we enter 2024, inflation has decreased significantly from its high.Our pricing should drop along with that throughout the year

Borden said McDonald's pricing rose 10% last year. He added the business will keep consumers in mind while setting rates in the future because they are "more weary

If McDonald's follows through on its pricing intentions, it should provide consumers some breathing room after seeing their favorite menu items become more expensive.

In the past year, some consumers have gone popular on social media for criticizing McDonald's price hikes.

Last week, X, formerly Twitter, went crazy over a McDonald's receipt from a Fairfield, Conn. rest area. The receipt stated that McDonald's

charged $14.58 for two Egg McMuffins, or $7.29 each. The post has nearly two million views and hundreds of chain-bashing comments.

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