Oreo Unveiled Its Most Chocolatey Cookie Flavor Yet

Oreo has become increasingly creative. Since 1912, the popular cookie company has released over 85 kinds.

These have included Choc'o Brownie and Apple Pie to Swedish Fish, Cherry Cola, and Hot Chicken Wing.

The 110-year-old business debuted its new cookie after teasing consumers on social media with a blacked-out Oreo packaging on a 

chocolate cake background. Oreo's new Blackout Cake cookie has two chocolate wafers, called "base cakes," sandwiching chocolate and dark 

The limited-edition cookies will be available nationally starting August 3 while supplies last.

"Did you just rebrand the Ultimate Chocolate Oreo?" one Instagram user wrote on Oreo's latest photo. I love chocolate,

but this looks like the Ultimate Chocolate Oreo cookie we got with one less layer. "Why not bring back Blueberry Pie?" another asked.

Other less-enthused admirers on social media asked that Oreo bring back Red Velvet, S'Mores, and Chocolate Creme Golden Oreos.

This year's second Oreo flavor is Blackout Cake. In January, the cookie behemoth released "The Most Oreo Oreo," a cookies-n-creme Oreo.

The limited-edition taste has two chocolate wafers with "Most Stuf" crème and ground-up Oreo cookie crumbs.

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