Popeyes Just Brought Back Its Popular Fish Sandwich 

Popeyes is known for its chicken, biscuits, and southern sides. But for the next few weeks, the fast-food business is targeting seafood aficionados nationwide.

Popeyes returned many popular fish selections this week. The popular Flounder Fish Sandwich returns for its fourth season after debuting in 2021.

Premium flounder marinated in Popeyes' Louisiana herbs and spices, wrapped in a southern crispy coating, fried until golden brown, and

served on a buttery brioche bun with barrel-cured pickles and tartar sauce. Popeyes is also providing a spicy version of the same sandwich with a spicy mayo

Popeyes offers many meat-free fish options this seafood season if flounder isn't your thing. The chain reinstated its Shrimp Tackle Box

Combo, which includes eight crispy, seasoned butterfly shrimp, a signature side, biscuit, and small drink.

Customers can choose from the ¼ Popcorn Shrimp Combo (quarter pound of crispy popcorn shrimp) or Surf & Turf Combo (four butterfly

shrimp, two chicken tenders, one side, and one biscuit). For pricing and availability on all of these seafood delicacies, contact a Popeyes restaurant near you.

Popeyes' seasonal seafood selections return just in time for Lent on Feb. 14, when many consumers will refrain from meat until Easter on

March 31. Like Popeyes, many fast-food and restaurant businesses have added seafood to their menus to attract meat-free customers in the coming weeks.

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