Skills Boomers Perfected That Gen Z Will Never Need 

Typing on Typewriters

Boomers often mastered the art of typing on typewriters, a skill that was a fundamental part of office work.

Cursive Handwriting

Boomers typically learned and perfected cursive handwriting, a skill that was heavily emphasized in education.

Using Physical Maps

Boomers became adept at navigating with physical maps, a necessary skill before the widespread availability of GPS and digital maps that Gen Z relies on for navigation.

Operating Analog Cameras

Boomers may have mastered the use of film cameras, understanding exposure settings and developing film.

Memorizing Phone Numbers

Boomers often memorized a significant number of phone numbers, as mobile phones were not as ubiquitous.

Balancing Checkbooks

Boomers commonly balanced their checkbooks, a crucial skill for managing personal finances in the past.

Fixing Mechanical Devices

Boomers often had skills in fixing mechanical devices like typewriters, record players, or even cars.

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