Southwest Adds Free Standby as A-List Benefit

Southwest Airlines has the most domestic passengers in the US, but it's easy to forget. They have a good business traveler

Delta, American, and United provide elite members free same-day standby, allowing them to switch flights if seats are available.

This perk varies by elite tier. Delta Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Medallions get free standby on any trip,

whereas Silver Medallions must pay to switch to an earlier flight. Airline differences exist too.

American gives the bonus to companions on the same record, whereas Delta only gives it to VIP travelers.

Southwest already offers "free standby" since they don't charge cancellation costs. If you are on a “Wanna Get Away” rate (their cheapest),

you must upgrade to “Anytime” to change your flight the same day. This means you must pay the difference between your ticket and the

Southwest elites have priority standby, but they must pay fare variations like everyone else. Southwest recently emailed that A-List and A-List 

A huge catch appears with this new perk. New flights must leave within two hours of original departure, between the same cities, and on the same day. 

Use of this benefit is extremely limited. Southwest probably doesn't want you to pay for a mid-day flight but receive a late-night one

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