Southwest Baggage Fees, Policies, & FAQs In 2023

Southwest Airlines has a unique baggage policy. Simple service is one reason Southwest Airlines has a cult following of passionate fans. 

Southwest luggage costs are straightforward and affordable. Southwest Airlines' luggage cost is the lowest of all airlines.

First two checked baggage are free in all fare classes. Extra costs cost $75 per item.

Many travelers wonder how Southwest tickets are so inexpensive and include free checked bags. Let's examine Southwest's checked and carry-on baggage fees.

Southwest is the only airline offering two free checked baggage. Two baggage fly free with any fare.

All checked luggage cannot exceed 50 lbs. All checked luggage cannot exceed 62 inches. Oversized and overweight checked bags cost extra.

Checked Bags: Extra Costs Overweight fees: $75 Overcharge: $75 Avoid Baggage Fees with Two Tips

Insider tip: Active duty and permanent change of station military do not pay extra checked luggage costs. Oversized and overweight bags are free.

Southwest permits two free checked bags, but you may pay for others. These cards below offset the cost when it happens.

Southwest contains many exclusions and waivers. Oversize or overweight media camera equipment is free. Some sporting equipment can fly free

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