Southwest Passenger share Love of C Boarding Group

Those who have flown Southwest know its boarding process is unique. Instead of assigning seats, the airline lets passengers choose as they board.

Most Southwest travelers will aim to get an earlier boarding group to be among the first to choose.

One traveler recently posted on Reddit about the "advantages" of being one of the last to board.

Many Southwest travelers want to be among the first to board, so they criticized the carrier this year for making it harder.

One Southwest passenger told X in June that some people misuse the wheelchair policy to board first.

SouthwestAir pre-boarding fraud 20 wheelchair-bound people boarding and likely only 3 deplaning "June 24 post by @trendready.

Southwest angered more passengers in August when it revealed it is "limiting the number" of EarlyBird Check-In spaces for some flights. 

This service, which initially had no cap for each flight, enables customers check in before the 24-hour check-in for a price, giving 

them a better chance of getting an A or B boarding group because Southwest assigns boarding places depending on check-in time.

Whether it's "pre-barding scams" or EarlyBird Check-In, some consumers don't mind being in the last boarding group.

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